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Leaving for vacation tomorrow and need to pay some bills. If you don't understand what I am talking about, I will be happy to explain further.

The only thing I can think of that would produce this error is trying to install a version of Quicken (2009 or earlier) that won't work on Windows 7. Due to the error message above, you might also try to supervalidate your file as well (hold the control and shift key and validate key in File It isn't working when you post two identical questions or follow up questions instead or sticking to the original question.

It gets thru the firs t phase very quickly and then hangs up just as quickly during the phase whe re it is validating transfer transactions. I don't know how to narrow down where it is having troubl e in the file, and it doesn't seem to be harming my daily work, but i don't think this is a good sign. Not sure of the screen junk has anything to do with this either I tried that. Possibly I copied sections of the file using date ranges to find one that would validate and one that wouldn't and then kept breaking up the one that wouldn't into progressively smaller junks until I could zero in on what kind of tranaction Quicken was barfing on. Possibly I copied sections of the fil e using date ranges until I found which ones would validate and which would n't.

jo arate topic), I decided to try validating the files.

So, earlier this year my wife and I relocated to the UK for a period of time due to work reasons.

As part of the move, we’d opened up a checking account at HSBC but had been unable to import transactions into Quicken because the bank only allows downloads in QIF, OFX, and CSV formats rather than the “Web Connect” Quicken wants to import.

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The issue was that the bad blocks were at approximately 230MB into the file.That meant that any copying or backing up would fail right there as well, resulting in a failure notice in Quicken and an incomplete backup/copy.Likewise, even a simple Windows file copy attempt would faily.This code value is something that Intuit sells to each bank, at an apparently not cheap price, or else more bank’s would have it.Although, I suspect another very real cost is that of supporting this special, proprietary format – coding, testing, maintenance, etc.

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