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Applicants will only be considered if they meet the above essential criteria.

A more detailed list of the required eligibility criteria can be found in our guide: ‘Becoming a Police Constable in Essex’.

Tiger Woods is out of the woods for his issues with prescription pills ... Tiger posted a message Monday saying he completed an out of state "private intensive program" to deal with his medication problem that got him busted for DUI in May.

Microsoft, as well as the other technology companies that have been anxiously watching the proceedings and filing briefs, were surprised, because they had thought that the federal government had agreed with some lower courts that the real solution was a legislative one.government, Microsoft, privacy, Security Experts who have been saying for a while now that the Microsoft-Department of Justice case would eventually end up before the Supreme Court are finally being proven right: the Do J requested earlier this month that the Court handle the case.As you may recall, the case, which started in 2014, involved whether Microsoft must release data stored on one of its servers to a U. government agency, even though the data in question is outside the U.We like, where possible, to recruit local people, with local knowledge, so we can increasingly reflect the wonderfully diverse communities we serve. Notes: *Candidates who are not relying on being a Special Constable or Police Community Support Officer as part of the qualification requirements, but who are existing Special Constables or a Police Community Support Officers may not progress to appointment until they have attained independent patrol status as a Special Constable or completed their probationary period as a Police Community Support Officer.For more detailed information about the above criteria please see our guide: ‘Becoming a Police Constable in Essex'.

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