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Actor Tusshar Kapoor surprised the world by announcing the birth of his son, Laksshay, on social media.

It is through IVF and surrogacy that Tusshar has got to experience this joy in his life. The paternal instincts in me have been overpowering my heart and mind for some time now.

I was in shock." Fitness expert/actress Lauren, 29, admitted she was shocked by the proposal and acknowledged wedding dates will have to be worked around the upcoming Backstreet Boys tour: "I wasn't expecting it. We both are just so happy in love right now and on cloud nine.

Our first thought was, ' We need to contact the Backstreet Boys and find out when their schedule will permit.' It's not up to us. We're just excited and looking forward to the next chapter of our lives." The guy once linked to both Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan now has something in common with the latter: he’s been arrested.

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Aaron Carter, Nick’s younger bro, was detained early this afternoon for speeding in Kimble County, Texas.

After the pop singer (I believe he’s a singer - though I couldn’t name anything he’s sung to save my life) was pulled over, deputies discovered marijuana inside his vehicle.

I believe this is not a problem since my case has been pending for more than 180 days so that's a good thing.. A lot of forum info suggests that I'm ok but I'd very much like to hear any / all viewpoints on this issue. Take a moment, think and tell me if you honestly believe that. But I am worried that if I file complaint ,my employer will threaten me telling that I faked my experience and submitted fake resumes. However, I can't book a new one till the old one is cancelled and the system won't let me cancel 5 business days or less before the current appointment. I am not sure about the reason of rejection but I think it has to do with not dropping the packet on time. When is an I-140 no longer valid for porting purposes?

What I do want to know is whether my status is in any jeopardy since I haven't generated any income for about 3 months? Time and again I hear people here and everywhere complaining about how "everyone-who-is-a-citizen" is simply out to get them and exploit them. Answer: An I-140 is no longer valid for porting purposes when: A.

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