Ajax form validating

If you have any compliments or complaints to MSDN Support, feel free to contact [email protected] I have used Jquery Validation, and it seems to validate the forms hopefully. When I just click the login button without filling the forms, an error just displayed in console which says ""Value cannot be null. Parameter name: user Name" Login controller: [Argument Null Exception: Value cannot be null. This is my first ever attempt at Ajax form validation, and everything works as expected, the final true example will hold a lot more input fields than in my testing scripts which are below.The file is expected to get a lot bigger as in my testing I have only used 3 input fields, how can I improve on this: HTML file Your j Query currently uses the same code over and over, the best option is always to make scripts as generic as possible, to minimize the amount of code that as to be downloaded and interpreted by the browser.(11 printed pages) Introduction The Problem The Objective The Solution-Overview Client Features What Is a Validator?

The above notes should give you an overall improvement on your form validation, leading to a valid code and a better solution for future maintenance. Invoke Action Method(Controller Context controller Context, Action Descriptor action Descriptor, IDictionary`2 parameters) 60 System. Async Controller Action Invoker.< Begin Invoke Synchronous Action Method>b__39 (IAsync Result async Result, Action Invocation inner Invoke State) 36 System. Each time you get a request, you need to write code to check the input and write any errors the user has made back to the page to help the user to correctly fill in the form.This is a taxing process for end users, developers, and servers alike.

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